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Dr. Jim English and staff welcomes you to the English Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. English, a triple board certified surgeon within his specialties has practiced in Little Rock, Arkansas for the past 30 years.

It is our goal to achieve the most beautiful facial plastic and body cosmetic enhancements that are realistically possible. It’s no wonder many of our patients travel from around the United States to have their procedures performed by Dr. English.

Our number one priority is always you. From the moment you walk through the doors of our office, we want you to feel comfortable, cared for and informed about your possibilities.

Our professional staff will try our best to schedule convenient appointments, listen to your desires and authentically address your cosmetic / facial plastic enhancement concerns.

English Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center wants to provide expert and compassionate care from beginning to end while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

A referral to our practice is the ultimate compliment and we strive to exceed expectations on a daily basis. We invite you to experience the higher level of care we provide.

Dr English BookDr. English’s New Book – Reflections of the Heart

Reflections of the Heart offers a personal look at the experiences of individual patients in a facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon’s practice. The opening chapter by Dr. Jim English provides fascinating insights on his 25 year career in his chosen field of endeavor. The subsequent chapters present the stories of 16 patients who underwent cosmetic surgeries and the impact these surgeries had in transforming their lives.

Call our office to purchase your copy. 501-227-9556

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